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Why Meal Planning Is Essential

October 10, 2018

Why I find meal planning so useful!


Not only is it another way in which I try to stay organised generally, it is also a great way to help you manage your budget – if you can plan your meals and buy food accordingly or plan meals based around the food you need to use up, it avoids throwing things away or buying things unnecessarily. Also, typically every time you go to the shops you probably pick up a couple of things you don’t really need (like more sweets or chocolate) so if you can do your weekly food shop in one go it avoid having to do return trips to the shops where you will inevitable pick up more rubbish food.


Healthy Eating

It can also help you to try and eat healthily,  I find that if I know what I’m due to be having for dinner I can focus on that and look forward to it rather than wasting time trying to think of something to cook and then being lazy and just getting a takeaway instead (this has happened a few times). When planning meals I try to incorporate a fairly even mix of vegetables, meat and carbs so even if it isn’t quite the right proportions there’s a bit of everything in there.



I also find it saves me a lot of time if I know what I’m eating and can prep things in advance, again it also means you don’t sit around for ages thinking about what to cook and you can just get on with it. When I plan my meals for the week it also means I know what I’m due to be taking to work for lunch (whether it’s leftovers or a sandwich), I can then get everything ready the night before and just grab it out of the fridge when I leave in the morning.


Meal Planning is something that should only make your life easier, it doesn’t have to be a strict regime, you can make it as flexible as you want, change things around as you go, the main point is that t helps structure your weeks eating a bit more and hopefully saves you some money and time in the process.

Below is a basic example of a meal plan that I would use.

Screen Shot 2018-10-13 at 20.06.01

Screen Shot 2018-10-13 at 20.05.47

Hope this helps!

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