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How To Stay Motivated While Studying

October 14, 2018

Here are some of my tips for staying motivated while studying!

Break Tasks Down

Don’t try to approach a whole subject/chapter at a time, I find it’s far easier to focus fully on smaller sections than lose interest and struggle through lots. Depending on how long you feel you can concentrate for, I normally try to work in 15 – 30 minute bursts. This was it also feels like a much less daunting task and should help encourage you to work your way through.

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Give Yourself The Best Start

For ages I used to sit up in my room and do my work on my bed with the tv on. Get yourself set up properly at a desk with all of your resources laid out in front of you and just crack on.

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Plan Tomorrow Tonight

If you can plan ahead what you need to study the next day it helps avoid procrastination and means you can start work straight away.


Remind Yourself Of Your Goals

Remember what you’re working towards, whether it’s an exam, a big project or smaller tasks, it’s all going to add up to something.


Just Do It

The hardest part of any project is getting started and that’s why it’s the most important step. I always try to start projects as soon as possible by making a simple plan of everything I need to do, again this helps to break tasks down into smaller sections.

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Reward Yourself

Appreciate when you have accomplished something; finishing a topic or a big chunk of work, make sure to reward yourself with breaks, snacks and proper time to relax.

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Know When To Stop

You can only work hard for so long, once you’ve lost concentration take a break, refresh yourself and then come back.

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