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Cute Date Ideas

November 4, 2018

Here are some of my favourite date ideas, some bigger things, some inexpensive but all very fun! Let me know what your favourite date ideas are.

1. Ice Skating

They become a much bigger thing during the winter months but there are lots of places with permanent ice rinks. Wrap up warm and it makes a cute and cozy date!

2. The Zoo

If you can find a nice sunny day then this is a great opportunity to go to the zoo! Depending on where you go it should be relatively inexpensive plus it’s likely there will be a student discount so make sure to double check! Either way you will get your money’s worth with a full day out.

3. Games Night

Everybody has games lying about somewhere so dig them out and have fun playing some games which probably haven’t been seen since your childhood!

4. Mini Golf

More and more cool mini golf centres are popping up all over the place, especially in cities there are often some really out there crazy golfs, all it takes is a little research and I guarantee you’ll find one near you!

5. Chocolate Fondue

You don’t need anything too fancy for this but it’s a really sweet (literally) thing to do. All you’ll want is some melted chocolate and an assortment of things to dip in it!

6. Cinema

A super easy date idea! There’s always something on and you can pair it with a meal out or going for a drink afterwards.

7. Walk In The Park

On a nice day a walk around the park can be very cute and romantic, plus it’s nice to get outside and in the fresh air.

8. Baking

Find a recipe you like and have a real laugh trying to bake something, it doesn’t really matter how they turn out, you’ll have fun making them!

9. Lazy Night In

If you’re both busy all the time it might be quite nice to just have a quiet date night. Spend the night in with some take-away, your favourite show and de-stress from the week.

10. Bowling

A lot of couples can be quite competitive so this is one way to get it out of system with a round of bowling.

11. Movie Night

On a cold evening you can cuddle up on the sofa with some of your favourite films!

12. Fancy Dinner

Sometimes it’s nice to have a treat out, so get dressed up and go for a fancy meal out.

13. Day Trip

If you do a little research there are some great things to do on a day out, depending on where you live you can visit a city local to you, for example, in London there are so many attractions like The London Eye, The London Dungeons or The National Gallery. So plan a day out to somewhere new and do something you wouldn’t normally get the chance to!

14. The Aquarium

Whatever the weather, the aquarium is a good choice! You can spend the whole day out and like the zoo you will likely get a student discount as well!

15. Bike Ride

If you’d like to do something a bit more active then going on a bike ride is a nice way to spend the day.

16. Home Cooked Dinner

If you don’t often get the chance to cook or if there’s a particular recipe you want to try out then it’s a great opportunity to do/learn something new together.

Cute Date Ideas

Have fun!

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