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The Ultimate House Cleaning Checklist

December 12, 2018

After living in halls and now in a one bedroom flat I have slowly but surely discovered all of the cleaning that goes into keeping a home nice. Just because you’re a student doesn’t mean you have to have a house that looks a mess and I am definitely someone who likes the place clean and tidy.

As much as I helped out at home with my mum I never really fully appreciated all of the different things you need to do and would probably always forget something, so here is my basic housecleaning checklist which ensures you don’t miss out anything important!


  • Wipe down surface – anytime you cook or make a mess, just quickly wipe the sides down to keep it sanitary and stop a build up of dirt.
  • Clear kitchen sink – avoid leaving dishes in the sink but also clear it of any food mess that might get left behind.
  • Throw away rubbish – make sure any rubbish or empty bags can go straight in the bin and don’t get left on the side.
  • Hoover any mess – it might seem like common sense but you don’t have to wait for dirt to build up before you hoover, if you make or notice any mess get it straight away and it’ll make your life easier when it comes to doing a big clean.



  • Wipe down everything – wipe down all the kitchen surfaces with antibacterial spray.
  • Hoover – do a full hoover everywhere, don’t forget to move chairs and any other bits and pieces to cover everything.
  • Clean hob – this can also be wiped down with antibacterial spray but it might need a bit more of a scrub if it’s really dirty.
  • Clothes washing – depending on the size of your household you’ll probably have a decent build up of washing by the weekend so that’s when I try to do my washing.
  • Tidy – I’m a bit of a neat freak but I think it’s good to have a tidy up every week, especially if I’m busy during weekdays, the mess can build up by the weekend.
  • General clean bathroom – spray surfaces with bathroom cleaner and wipe down the sink, toilet and bath/shower.



  • Deep clean bathroom and toilet – again, spray and wipe down surfaces thoroughly and then bleach the toilet, sink plughole and bath plughole.
  • Change bed linen – lots of people have different preferences on when they want to/need to change their bed linen but I tend to think aiming to change it every 2 weeks is probably best.
  • Wash towels – to avoid them getting damn and smelly, you should also wash and rotate your bathroom towels.



  • Clean inside microwave – food dirt can really build up in the microwave and you probably wouldn’t notice it as much as dirt on surfaces but it is still important to clean it. Best thing to do is microwave some lemon in a bowl of water and then wipe down the inside of the microwave, leaving it lemony fresh!
  • Dusting – I am really not a fan of dusting which is why I put it off until once a month so you may want to do it more regularly but I find in my small flat there isn’t a huge build up.
  • Clean bin – even when you take your bin out regularly it can still leave a particularly unpleasant smell, if you notice it then it’s good to properly clean your bin either using antibacterial spray or warm water and washing up liquid.
  • Clean mirrors – you can do this more regularly if you notice smudges but otherwise your mirrors just need a quick wipe down or a bit of spray polish.



  • Clean kitchen cupboards – Every now and again it’s good to just clear your cupboards out fully, wipe the shelves down and then organise everything back into place.
  • Check for expired items – While you’re sorting out your cupboards check everything for expiry dates, often things can get pushed right to the back and go out of date without you even knowing.
  • Clean cushions and blankets – Put any sofa cushions or extra blankets in the wash.
  • Clean carpet – You can get wet and dry soaps/shampoos for carpets, not only will it get rid of all the bacteria but can also get rid of stains and brighten your carpets back to their original colours.
  • Clean windows – I know lots of people get the outside of their windows cleaned by a service but you still need to clean the inside, like the mirrors you can use spray polish or warm water (make sure you dry thoroughly so it doesn’t leave any streaks).
  • Wipe down fridge shelves – Empty your fridge and wipe down all the shelves. You should obviously clean out the fridge if there are any spills but otherwise whenever you get the chance.


Happy Cleaning!


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