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How To Get Organised Before The New Year

December 20, 2018

Hopefully all of us will get a decent break over Christmas to get away from work and deadlines so this is a great opportunity to get all those things sorted that you push to the side and forget about. Everyone wants to start the new year on a positive note so give yourself the best chance and get organised before the new year!

Things To Think About:

Decide on what your priorities are – What things are important to you? What areas of your life do you feel you need to get more organised?

Reflect on your past year – What has gone well, what maybe hasn’t been as great and is there a way you can prepare yourself more for the future?

Things To Do:

Not all of these will be applicable to everyone but here are some examples of things you can do to get yourself organised for the new year.

Go through all those lists that have been building up – I end up accumulating lists all over the place, on my phone, in my notebooks and on scrap pieces of paper so one super easy way to sort all that chaos out is just take a minute to sit down and compile them all into one concise list.


Get your finances in order – Pay off any outstanding credit cards or anything you owe your mates and start the new year with a blank slate. Decide on a savings plan and commit to it from January.


Set your new years resolutions – This will be personal to every individual but it’s worth having a think about what you want to achieve in the next year and set yourself some reasonable goals. You don’t just have to go along the path of going to the gym or eating healthy etc. Think about if there are any new skills you would like to learn/develop, or people you want to make more time to see, anything that will make you happier in the long run.


Happy Home – It’s a great excuse to do a proper deep clean of your home, you’ll probably be having people round for the holidays at some point as well so that’s another good reason to tidy things up around the house.


Clear Out – Get on top of all that clearing out you’ve been meaning to do for months, no doubt you’ll have a load of lovely presents that need a new place to live so sort out any rubbish and clear yourself some space.


Get A Binder – If you don’t have one already you need a big binder for all your bills, important documents, phone contracts, insurance details and passport photocopies etc. It’s good to have everything in one place so you can grab it when you need it instead of having to rifle through piles of paper.


Start Your 2019 Calendar – Start booking your appointments in for the new year so when 2019 begins you can just get on with it. This could include dentist/doctors appointments, booking your MOT/service or scheduling in that lunch with a friend you’ve been meaning to get round to.


Sort Your Computer – Back up your photos, in fact, back up all your files, clear out any rubbish from your desktop and clean all of the grub out of your keyboard while you’re at up & clear out make up – If you don’t do it regularly this is the perfect opportunity to start cleaning your make-up brushes, it’s super easy but a little bit of a pain when you use them every day and have to find the time to let them dry, so do it on a day when you don’t plan on wearing any make up. Also clear out any old make up that has been smashed to pieces, drained to the very end or could just really do with being replaced.


Organise Your Wardrobe – Whether you just need to put a few things back on hangers or it looks like a bomb went off in your closet, it’s always satisfying to put things back in order, if there are things you know you haven’t worn in a long time then get rid of them or at least store them somewhere away from your everyday clothes to give you more space.apparel-casual-clothes-934070.jpg

No Lose Ends – Finish all of those projects you started or make sure you schedule them in for the new year.


‘New Years Resolutions 2019’ Coming Soon!

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