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8 Must Watch Family Films This Christmas

December 23, 2018

Having some cozy nights in over the holiday? Here are some great family films to get you in the mood for Christmas.

The Greatest Showman


This is a great film and definitely a lovely family movie, if you haven’t seen it already I would definitely recommend it, especially over the festive period. Although it isn’t overtly Christmas related it still has an element of ‘magic’ and an amazing soundtrack. Showing on Sky at 6:45pm on Christmas Day.



Having watched this film as a child I have never really grown out of it. It definitely gets you in a festive mood. Currently available to watch on Amazon Prime and showing on ITV2 at 5:40pm on Christmas Day.

The Grinch


This is another childhood classic, Jim Carey is very funny (if a little bit creepy) but this has always been very popular, so much so that they have made a new one which I’m excited to see! Showing on ITV at 12:55pm Christmas Eve.

The Santa Clause

santa clause

I really love this Christmas film series so you can set this up for 3 nights in a row. Tim Allen’s character find himself replacing Santa and inheriting all of the qualities and responsibilities that come with it.

The Muppet Christmas Carol


A great film for adults or kids, a humorous take on A Christmas Carol with the cast of The Muppets and Michael Caine. Showing on Channel 4 at 4pm Christmas Day.



Another amazing film series for any time of year but it is especially great if you want to snuggle up for an evening (or 4). All films are currently available to watch on Netflix.

Love Actually


This will be a Christmas essential for lots of people so something to tick off the Christmas to-do list. Currently available to watch on Netflix and showing on ITV at 10:20pm on Boxing Day.

Back To The Future

back to the future

A great film for any time of the year but able to be enjoyed by all ages so I would definitely suggest this film series to fill your evenings this Christmas!

Film Availability Correct as of 23/12/2018

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