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New Years Resolutions (And How To Keep Them) 2019

December 27, 2018

I know lots of people say there’s no point setting New Years Resolutions because nobody keeps them but I can’t see any downside to setting yourself goals, you just have to find a way to stick to them!

Think of them more as goals or to-do’s rather than setting yourself a strict regime.

Here are some ideas for some resolutions and how you can give yourself the best chance of keeping them.


  • Watch Less TV – This might just be me but especially after the Christmas break I tend to feel like all I have done is sit and watch TV, which is fine for Christmas but on a day-to-day basis I know I would be far more productive if I watched less TV. One way to do this is by replacing it with something else so what I am going to try and do is choose music over TV.
  • Wake Up Earlier – I am already a fairly productive person but equally I could easily sleep in until midday and then be panicking about not getting anything done so I am going to make the conscious effort to wake up and start my day earlier by setting alarms and then hopefully I will gradually pick it up as a habit.



  • Keep On Top Of Coursework – This is all about having the right attitude when it comes to coursework, the hardest part of any task is starting it so make sure as soon as you get set anything start making a basic plan for it immediately and then you can slowly work your way through it a section at a time.
  • Get A 1st Class Honours – This is going to come down to managing your time and pushing to do the best in all of your work, don’t be afraid to ask for help and get guidance from your lecturers, give yourself the best start in the new semester and get yourself organised from the very beginning.

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  • Add To Savings – Set yourself a goal for every month to put aside even a small amount. If you know you income and outgoings you should be able to calculate how much you can afford to put away rather than spending it unnecessarily.
  • Save For And Plan A Holiday – Similarly, this requires some organisation and commitment to put money aside every month but before you start saving you need to plan your holiday to know how much it’s going to cost. January is meant to be the cheapest time to book flights so it’s worth having a look at prices in the New Year and then book something well in advance of the summer to get some good deals.

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  • Treat Mum More – I’m super close with my mum and it’s sad now having moved out of home to not see her as much so I think it’s really important to make the effort to plan things with her and treat her with gifts and lunches out just to show how much I appreciate her.
  • Plan More Days Out – This is simple, have a sit down and brainstorm ideas, discuss with your partner, friends or family what they might like to do and start putting things in the diary!

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  • Walk Everyday – Something super simple which is the first step for a fairly lazy person like myself, just try and get out and leave the house every day, obviously you might have a lazy day every once in a while but find reasons to go for a wander to get some fresh air, sunshine and a little bit of exercise.
  • Get To My Ideal Size – I try not to measure things too much on weight as it’s completely different for everyone and obviously if you have more muscle then you are going to weigh more, so, I would try to judge any improvements visually or based on clothes sizes.
  • Start A Regular Workout Routine – Where people often slip up with gym resolutions is by giving themselves an unreasonable goal and then after failing to meet it a couple of times it just gets chucked out the window. Start small and work your way up, hopefully once you do get into a routine it will become more enjoyable and encourage you to do more.

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  • Learn New Healthy Recipes – One thing that makes eating healthier easier is if you can find a way to make it more exciting and not just have the same salad every day so do some research and look up some recipes to try out over the year, then hopefully you’ll find that you actually enjoy making and eating them!
  • Drink 2l Water Everyday – I am so rubbish when it comes to drinking enough water every day so what has worked best for me is getting a big water bottle (preferably 2l if it’s not too awkward) and then over the course of the day I have to finish the bottle. Sometimes this does mean I end up downing a litre of water before I go to bed but I try to have some every time I see it.
  • Healthy Snacks – Snacking is a really bad habit of mine and it always tend to be snacks of the sweet variety so finding some healthy snacks that I don’t have to feel guilty about will hopefully help a lot.

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  • Update CV, LinkedIn & Portfolio – If you do it on a regular basis updating these things as new events come in is quite easy, however, if you have left it for a while it seems like a mammoth task so one of my aims for this year is to keep on top of all of them and make sure they’re up to date.
  • Research Graduate Jobs – I will be graduating from uni next year and having had a bit of an insight into how competitive graduate jobs are I am so determined to get ahead of the game and really do some research into what schemes are out there so that when they open up for my year I will be ready to apply.

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Good Luck!

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