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LinkedIn – How & Why To Use It

January 3, 2019

Companies are using LinkedIn more and more nowadays to not only look at applicants’ profiles as a secondary CV, but also to directly advertise and communicate with individuals regarding jobs. This is what you should be doing with your account and why it is so important to use it!

Set Up An Account – More now that ever it is essential that you have a professional online presence. If like me you are in your 20’s you should have a major advantage having built up your online profiles from a young age. However, it is important to remember that LinkedIn is meant to build a professional profile, so you don’t post your holiday photos or pictures from parties etc.


Job Opportunities – Whether you’re looking for placements, graduate jobs or just a change, you will find numerous job opportunities and vacancies posted on LinkedIn and you can quickly apply for roles or get in contact with employers so search for your field and follow the companies you are interested in.

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Keep Your Account Active & Up To Date – Since starting my placement I have seen how important it is to not only have a profile set up but to actively use it, there’s no point just filling in your details and letting it sit there, you need to be following relevant pages, reading and liking their posts as well as posting your own material with updates of relevant work experience or topical events/programmes you have participated in.


Keep Posting – For me, working in events there are so many opportunities for me to update my LinkedIn – essentially every time I put an event on, but think about what is relevant to you and your subject/industry, what would potential employers be interested in seeing you do?

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Use It Like Other Social Media – The mistake I made in the past with LinkedIn was thinking it was something I only needed to update from time to time like a CV when really you should treat it more like your Facebook or Instagram, checking it on a daily basis and updating whenever something relevant happens (however, like I said before with professional content).

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Good luck!

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