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18 Things To Do On A No-Spend Weekend

January 13, 2019

Looking for stuff to do but don’t want to break the bank? Here are some fun things to do on the weekend without having to spend a penny!

1. Walk In The Park – On a nice day get outside and enjoy the fresh air, if you have a park nearby it’s a perfect opportunity to check it out, if not just have a wander into town.

road nature trees branches

2. Movie Day – If you’re looking for a lazy day in, especially when it’s cold outside have a movie marathon of your favourite films.


3. Baking – All you need are the basic baking ingredients: flour, sugar, butter maybe some eggs and chocolate. You are all set for a fun day of baking!


4. Read A Book – There must be something on your shelf you have been meaning to get round to, start now!


5. Do Some Organising – A free weekend is a great opportunity to get yourself and your home organised, do a bit of a clear out and a tidy up!

silver imac near white ceramic kettle

6. Start A Craft – If there’s something you’ve been wanting to try then make a start, or do a little bit of online research and find something fun to do!


7. Do Some Exercise – If you already pay for a gym membership then make the most of it! And if not there are plenty of ways to work out for free – go for a run or find a routine to do in your living room!

bright close up color colorful

8. Play Board Games – Everybody has family board games tucked away somewhere, get them out, dust them off and have fun!


9. Spa Day – Run a relaxing bath, light some smelly candles and chill.

bath blur brush candles

10. Go To A Free Museum/Art Gallery – There are free museums all over the place, especially if you are a student you often get free entry with a valid student ID.

black and white art museum europe

11. Do Holiday Research/Plan A Trip – All you need is a laptop and an idea and you can start planning a great trip!

scenic view of beach

12. Call Your Parents For A Catch Up – It’s nice to take the time to speak to your parents, plus it costs you nothing!

marketing office working business

13. Find An Online Course/Tutorial – There are so many out there and a lot of them are free, whether it’s learning a language, a craft or a new recipe, whatever you are interested in there will be a tutorial out there!

person holding chocolate bar near laptop

14. Have A Sharer Dinner – Invite some friends over for a bring and share meal, everyone bring a little and you end up with a lot!

photo of a toast

15. Get Ahead Of Coursework/Revision – One of the easiest things in the world is finding ways to avoid revision, but if you have the weekend free it costs £0 to get on top of your academic work and you’ll be thanking yourself in the long run.

black click pen on white paper

16. Go For A Bike Ride – Another really easy and free way to get out of the house and occupy your time, you can look up specific bike routes or just go to a local park.

activity bicycle bike biker

17. Make A Food Plan For The Week – If you’re at home on the weekend it’s the best opportunity to get yourself organised for the coming week so make a meal plan and save yourself some time and effort during the week. You can also do food prep ahead of time, or even make your meals and store them to be reheated in the evening.

food salad restaurant person

18. Clear Your Computer – Get rid of any old files and make some space.

light smartphone macbook mockup

Have fun!

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