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Cadbury World

January 20, 2019

If you live near Birmingham and are looking for something fun to do I would highly recommend Cadbury World! Whether you’re with kids or not, everybody loves chocolate and a day out here is non-stop chocolate fun!


4D Chocolate Experience

As well as the main factory there are a couple of smaller activities including the 4D experience which is aimed more for younger children but was still mildly amusing for a couple of 20 year olds.


The Factory

When you first enter the main factory you get pleasantly treated to some free chocolate (you also pick up a couple more on your way round), then the tour starts with an educational exhibit about the history of chocolate and where it originates from historically, this was followed by some videos about how it is made and then when it became popular in Britain and how Cadbury grew to the global brand it is today.

We then moved on the the actual factory where we were shown the actual process of making the specific Cadbury chocolates we know and love! It’s at this point you are grateful for those free chocolates you got, a little snack to keep you going!


Have A Go

While in the factory we also got an opportunity to get art with some chocolate! There were squeezy bottle full of melting chocolate to write your name with (a medium I would be very happy to explore further). We then also  had a go at tempering some chocolate which consisted on spreading the melted chocolate on the counter and then scraping it back together again repeatedly until it eventually started to solidify and turn into more of a paste than a liquid, as interesting as it was I’m not I have the patients to do that for ages (I’d much prefer just eating it!). Speaking of, we were then given an amazing cup of melted chocolate to try! With a choice of toppings I think this might have been my favourite part of the whole tour – nothing beats melted chocolate!

Cadabra Ride

We then moved on to the ‘ride’ which I can only compare to Disney’s ‘It’s A Small World’ but a lot more chocolately, clearly aimed more for the kids.

The Gift Shop

Now once you have made your way around the whole factory you get to arguably the best bit – the gift shop! Not only is it full to the brim with all kinds of Cadbury chocolate but it is at discounted prices! We definitely went for it when it came to the gift shop and I am somehow still working my way through it months after.

If you aren’t already desperate to go I would highly recommend it!

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