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21 Lazy Ways To Lose Weight

January 24, 2019

If you’re anything like me it doesn’t seem possible to just decide you’re going to start going to the gym 5 times a week and only eat salad, so here are some little cheats to help you get healthier and lose weight.

1. Start Every Meal With A Glass Of Water

This will help you to fill up and not over eat.

water with lemon in glass

2. Simple Swaps

Choose light/low fat & salt versions as well as using fresh ingredients rather than processed.

yellow pastry on white powder on brown wooden table

3. Portion Control

Use smaller plates and measure snacks, keep and re-use leftovers rather than trying to finish it all in one sitting.

white tableware

4. Move More

Find any reason to get up, go out and move around. It doesn’t have to be a full workout, just have a wander.

road nature trees branches

5. Don’t Drink The Calories

Try to avoid fizzy drinks with high sugar and stick to water or fresh juices.

photo of four assorted color beverages

6. Eat Little And Often

Find healthy alternatives to snack on and keep you sated during the day so that you are not tempted to over eat at meal times.

bowl of vegetable salad and fruits

7. Healthy Weekdays

Most people tend to have more structure during the week with work and school so it can make it easier to plan meals and take healthier packed lunches etc. the weekends can then be more relaxed.


8. Multitask

If you like to watch TV that’s fine but at the same time you can be doing a mini workout of some sort, holding the plank position or doing sit-ups.

balance body exercise female

9. Meal Prep

If you plan your meals in advance you are less likely to choose the unhealthy options and if you have things ready to put together, it will make you less likely to snack.

flat lay photography of three tray of foods

10. Don’t Shop On An Empty Stomach

Everybody has done it, we all know going food shopping when you’re hungry just means you’re going to pick up double the amount you needed, especially when it comes to sweets and snacks. Instead, make sure you eat before you go on your weekly shop and stick to the list!

booth branding business buy

11. Cut Down On Butter And Oil

These tend to be a fundamental cooking ingredient a lot of the time but you can switch to alternatives like coconut oil or simply reduce the amount you use.


12. Eat Slower

This is definitely one I need to apply more, try to take little breaks between bites, it take approximately 20 minutes for your food to settle so the quicker you eat the less likely you are to feel full and will therefore eat far more than necessary.

flat lay photography of vegetable salad on plate

13. Make It A Game

Find exercise video games like Wii Fit & Sport or dancing games to make it more fun and less noticeable an exercise routine. Or make it a competition and have a workout buddy to motivate you to do the most reps or highest weights etc.


14. Pay With Cash

When you’re out buying food pay with cash, it is easy to scan your debit card and not feel the consequences but when you’re paying in cash you are more likely to re-think spending £10 on chocolate and biscuits.


15. Brush Your Teeth Earlier

By brushing your teeth earlier this will discourage you from snacking in the evenings.

blur bristle brush clean

16. Soup Or Salad?

By starting your meal with a healthy soup or salad this will help to fill you up and avoid overeating your main.

spinach chicken pomegranate salad

17. Have A Good Breakfast

Start your day off right with a healthy and filling breakfast, try porridge with fruit. This should then get you through until lunch time without snacking.

person mixing cereal milk and strawberry jam on white ceramic bowl

18. Pre-Pack A Bag For The Gym

If it is all packed and ready to go there are no excuses, you just have to pick it up and go!

macro photography of pair of black and white nike running shoes

19. Choose The Stairs

Unless you’re going to the 40th floor, if you’re given the choice between an escalator/ lift or the stairs, always go for the stairs, it’s a little habit that goes a long way and after a while it won’t seem like such an effort.

photo of staircase

20. Change To Herbal Teas

Try switching out your normal tea/coffee with a herbal or fruit tea of some sort, even better is a fresh mint tea with mint leaves.

peppermint tea on teacup

21. Don’t Cut Anything Completely

Trying to cut all the bad stuff out of your diet in one go is just going to make you crave it more, instead try to reduce your intake slowly and limit it to certain days.

macaroons served on white ceramic plate

Good luck!

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