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20 Party Themes For This Year

February 3, 2019

Stuck for some party themes? Here is a list of 20 ideas to base your party around.

1. 80’s

Bright colours, iconic celebrities, you don’t have to have grown up in the 80’s to appreciate the pop-culture.

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2. Casino

You have a theme and the entertainment in one. Host a casino-styled games nights. This could cater for a small or big party size, set up some tables and let the evening run itself.

cards casino chance chip

3. Disco

Think Saturday night fever, some bright lights and your favourite throwback playlist.

black disco ball

4. Summer

There is a lot of potential for this one, basically anything summer-themed you can think of. Bright & colourful decorations, maybe some plant life, a tropical feel.

Image result for summer party decorations

5. Halloween

Obviously this is specifically for October, pumpkins & lanterns, it won’t be difficult to find Halloween decorations.

pumpkin jack o lantern and coffin cookies on chopping board

6. Movie

Pick a Movie that you like and especially something with a good range of fancy dress options. There are endless possibilities with this one, have fun with it!

two white and red admission tickets

7. Hawaiian

Palm trees and hula skirts, serving cocktails in coconuts. Get your guests to dress to match with their most garish Hawaiian shirts!

Image result for summer party decorations

8. St. Patrick’s

Green everything! In the lead up to St.Patrick’s Day there will be so many supplies all over the place, so you can’t go wrong with green!Image result for st patrick's day party decorations

9. Carnival

Some fun bright colours, popcorn, confetti and candyfloss, this is a really good one to be creative with.

Image result for circus party decorations

10. Fairytale

Floral themed, warm pinks & purples. Miniature everything with any extra features from specific fairytale stories.

Image result for fairytale table decorations

11. Garden

You can be a bit more creative with this one but the main criteria is to be outside! Obvious floral and greenery style.

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12. Narnia

This is a Christmassy one, there are some key props that will make it clearly related (examples below). On top of that you want snow everywhere and twinkly lights are always great.

Image result for narnia party decorations

13. Black and white

This is basically black tie but with a black & white colour scheme for everything so go as mad as you want with it.

Image result for black tie party decorations

14. British

British afternoon tea is as classy as it gets so hang up the bunting and get your cake forks. Essential afternoon tea includes: mini sandwiches, scones (with cream & jam), tea (obviously) and then an assortment of other cakes & pastries.

Image result for british party decorations

15. Alice In Wonderland

A slightly more twisted and fantastical story so you can go all out here with decorations; lots of plant life, quirky signs, labels with “eat me” and “drink me”, playing cards and clocks.

Image result for alice in wonderland party decorations

16. Hollywood

Roll out the red carpet, it’s getting A-List. Have a Hollywood awards night.

Image result for hollywood party decorations

17. Olympics

Fancy something a bit more active? Get people up and about with an olympics themes party. Designate everyone with a country and compete in a series of challenges. It doesn’t matter if the Olympics isn’t even on this year, everyone is up for a bit of competition.

Image result for olympics party decorations

18. Unicorn

This trend has been all over the place but I still think it’s a really cute idea, you can just fill everything with rainbow sprinkles and confetti.
Image result for unicorn party decorations

19. Jungle

You need lots of green forestry and some exotic animals thrown in.

Image result for summer party

20. Colour coordination

Go for a simple theme with just a couple of colours, you can pair balloons, and table decorations.

Image result for rose gold party decorations

Have fun!

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