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Valentines Gift Ideas

February 10, 2019

Still looking for presents for your other half? Here are some ideas to help you out. Obviously if money is no object you will have lots of options but I have tried to go for some realistic ideas that would suit most people.

For Girlfriends:

Chocolate – Lets go for some of the basics, not to stereotype but most girls love chocolate so this is a safe bet. However, obviously for a special occasion you might want to get something  a bit different to normal so why not try a Hotel Chocolat gift set. Click here to check out some of the Hotel Chocolat Valentine’s selection.

Flowers – Again, this is probably an obvious choice but just in case you forgot! Some nice flowers (and a vase) is a really sweet gift.

Jewellery – No matter what your budget is, it is still possible to get your girlfriend some nice jewellery that she will really appreciate. If you don’t know where to start looking, for some good quality jewellery at a range of prices, try Pandora – Valentine’s orders close tomorrow (11th Feb 2019) at 1pm – and Ernest Jones . You obviously don’t just have to look at the Valentine’s Day selections as they are often more expensive than the usual ranges.

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For Boyfriends:

Games – If your boyfriend is anything like mine there is always a game out that he is desperate to get, so maybe drop a couple of hints or some subtly phrased questions to find out what it is. If you’re not sure where to look click here to see the newest games from Game.

Men Kind – I am just going to recommend this whole shop, if I am ever stuck for gift ideas I can always find something funny in here. Click here to view their website.

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For Everyone:

Dinner – If you’re both busy or low on cash, sometimes it is just nice to make the effort to have a nice meal together, whether it’s going out for dinner or cooking something at home, just give it some extra effort to make it special and it will definitely be appreciated.

Homemade – Another way to show that you have put some real effort in is if you can make something yourself, whether it’s a cute card or a little scrapbook of things from your relationship, it will definitely show how much you love your partner. If you want to get some creative ideas, have a look on Pinterest.

Hamper – If you’re not going for a single big gift, one way to make a small selection seen more impressive is to put them all together in a gift hamper, add some little sweets or any other fillers you can think of.

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Obviously the main point is to just show you care so if you don’t want to get caught up in the ‘corporate money-making’ side of Valentine’s Day then you can still have a special day with the person you love without spending loads of money.

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