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February 14, 2019

I believe the key to staying organised is a regular routine, here are some essential habits to put in place as a part of your daily routine!


Wake up at a reasonable time​ – When you’re a student it’s very easy to sleep in for as long as possible before you have to get up, but the earlier you get up and start feeling awake the sooner you will become more productive.


Stretch – Wake your body up with some stretches first thing when you get up.

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Open Curtains – Let some light in to get your day started.

Open Windows – Also let some fresh air in help you to wake up (maybe not in the winter month but into spring and summer).


Make Your Bed – I always make my bed first ting in the morning, not only to make keep things tidy and organised but also as it gives me a surface to lay out my clothes for the day.


Drink a big glass of water – To get your metabolism started drink a big glass of water and some fruit juice.

Take down any cups/bottles/bowls in the room​ – As organised as you may be it’s easy to end up compiling cups, bottles and bowls in your room so try to take anything like that out of your room and wash them up rather than letting them build up more.

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Have a good breakfast​ – if you’re in a rush in the morning it is easy to forget or dismiss having breakfast but it is an important start to the day. If you are rushed for time then try to prep your breakfast the evening before or get something that you can grab and take out with you like a cereal bar.

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Look at/make plan for the day​ – Go over to-do list for the day and then get started.


Brush teeth – This might seem obvious but again if you are rushed for time in the morning it might be the thing that gets cut from your routine as you rush out the door.



Skincare –  I wash, cleanse and tone my face​ every evening to try to keep my skin clear, I also occasionally use a face-mask for a deeper cleanse.

Curl eyelashes – This might not be applicable for everyone but I find that if I curl my eyelashes in the evening after my shower they hold their shape more than curling them from dry in the morning.


Technology off/on charge​ – It’s good to unwind without technology, especially if you’ve had a day sat in front of a screen.

Set alarm – The last thing you want is to wake up in the morning and realise you’ve slept in way too long, so don’t forget to set your alarm before you go to bed (I have multiple alarms set for the likely chance that I will sleep through/snooze the first couple). 


Lay out clothes for tomorrow​ – Save yourself time in the morning and get your outfit out for the next day, it helps to just get dressed first thing and not have to pick out clothes when you are half asleep.


Pack bag​ – Similarly, save time when you get up and keep your things organised by packing your work/uni/school bag the night before.

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Write to-do’s for the next day – Take a couple of minutes to think about the things you need to do the next day and make a note, this means when you wake up in the morning you can start getting on with things immediately rather than pondering what you need to/should be doing.

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Brush & floss your teeth – Again an obvious one but don’t forget to brush and floss your teeth before you go to bed. I may be in the minority but for a long time it didn’t even cross my mind that I needed to floss on a regular basis, but I now have a packet of floss sticks by my toothbrush so I don’t forget in the evening.

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