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February 21, 2019

If you struggle to stay organised, then here are some tips!

As much as my friends and family praise me for my organisation, it’s only possible after having trained myself to use lists and having really worked on my time management skills, without that I would be a mess. So, here are some ways I stay organised!

Lists Everywhere – As I have mentioned, I am definitely a list gal. The truth is, if I don’t write things down I will 100% forget them, so, I have notebooks, pads and pens all over the place as well as using the notes pages on my phone. As soon as I think of an idea for something or remember something I need to do, I write it down and then when I get a chance I collate all of my lists together into a more organised format.

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Use Your Calendar – Either a physical one or on your phone, any time you make plans, don’t rely on your memory, put it straight in your calendar! This can include deadlines, reminders, appointments, basically anything and everything you need to be reminded about.


Clearing out – Every once in a while I try to clear through anything that has been piling up – whether it’s paperwork, receipts or notes, things can quickly become irrelevant and just need to be thrown away.

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Having A Routine – I find that having a regular routine definitely helps you to stay organised, even for me (an organised freak), when my routine gets out of sync I definitely lose the plot a bit. Have a think about what you should be doing every day and enforce things into a schedule. For example, if you know you need to study, try and give yourself a study period the same time every day. Before long these routines will become natural and help you be far more productive.

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Get the worst done first – An obvious part of being organised is getting tasks done and not ending up being swamped with a load of things you have to do. So, I always make myself do the worst thing first. You know if you’re looking at a list of to-do’s you will automatically gloss over the ones you really don’t want to do, however, by making the effort to get them over and done with first you will end up with far more time to do the things you do actually want to do, rather than procrastinating for ages.

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Start Early – As a student it can be so easy to lie in bed for half the day, but if you want to be organised and productive the key is to get up early! I am not suggesting you wake up at 5am on a Sunday morning and start doing all your jobs while the rest of the world is asleep, I tend to wake up between 8am – 9am on the weekends (this is probably quite late for a lot of people anyway) and as soon a I’m up I go over my list for the day and crack on!


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