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Craft Of The Month: Scrapbooking

February 24, 2019

I love looking back through my old family photo albums, and as useful as it is to have everything backed up digitally, it’s also nice to have things in front of you to show.


I have been fortunate enough to go on quite a few lovely holidays and with that I have taken hundreds of photos so, through scrapbooking I have tried to pick out some of my favourites as well as adding a level of creativity by decorating the pages, adding in any other ticket stubs or souvenirs and annotating with some holiday highlights.


If you’re looking for a fun creative project then this is a great try, you can’t really go wrong because it’s up to you how you want to design them! It’s a nice thing to sit down and do in front of the TV one evening, it doesn’t take too much concentration, you just need some cute things to stick in.


I get my photos developed in the simplest way – using the FreePrints app. Every month you get 45 free photos and all you have to pay is postage (for me normally £3) so, I use this as a monthly way to top up my scrapbook (although I do forget sometimes).


After a trip to Hobbycraft I have also now collated a number of really cute scrapbooks which I am very much under pressure to fill since they are taking up a fair bit of room on our bookshelf.


Good Luck!

I’ll be trying out a new craft the last Sunday of every month, let me know if there is anything you would like to see!

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