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How To Save Money On Food Shopping

March 7, 2019

If you’re a student then you’ll be looking for as many ways to save as possible and one of the things most students spend money on is food, so here are some tips on how to save money on food shopping.

Make A Meal Plan – If you plan your meals you are less likely to shop in excess or get take-aways/fast food. Check out Why Meal Planning Is Essential.

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Use The Freezer – Rather than letting things go out of date and having to throw them out, there are so many things that you can freeze instead to make them last longer. For example, most vegetables can be cooked straight from frozen if you chop them up and put them in a zip lock bag, you can also do the same with meat if you again divide the meat into portion sizes to make it easier to defrost a single portion rather than a whole packet. Alternatively, have a look down the frozen aisle of your supermarket and you might find a load of things that you normally buy fresh already prepped and frozen.


Bulk Buy – It’s pretty standard that the bigger the pack you buy the lower the cost per unit so if you have the space for it or can share something with a flatmate then by buying in bulk you can definitely save some money. A couple of items that are good for bulk buying are things like big bags of rice and pasta, or multipacks of tinned goods.

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Buy In The Sales/Reduced Section – Find the balance between compulsively buying things because they have a reduced sticker on them or taking advantage of when the things you regularly buy are actually on sale. If you can buy long lasting items such as tinned products and sauces etc. while they are on sale then you can save money in the future.

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Once A Week – Aim to do all of your food shopping once a week to avoid picking up extra and unnecessary products on multiple occasions. This again goes hand in hand with making a meal plan, if you know what you need then you should only have to do one shop.

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Don’t Shop Online – I used to think an online shop would help to avoid overspending and adding extra stuff to your cart, but from experience I actually think you end up finding more deals in stores as the websites won’t advertise their reduced stock, also I think if you’re hungry you are just as likely to add extra food to your shopping basket online as you are in person.

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Homemade Takeaway – If like me you are a big fan of takeaways then you will know the annoying position of deciding whether or not to buy takeaway or save money. An alternative solution is to try and make your own takeaway favourites from scratch! Check out: Homemade Pizza for one idea, or have a quick look online for some other homemade takeaway recipes.

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Discounts/Loyalty Schemes – If you don’t already make sure to take advantage of the points schemes at supermarkets like Tescos Clubcard, Sainsbury Nectar Card and Iceland’s Bonus Card.


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