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Starting A Bullet Journal

March 10, 2019

I have been meaning to start a bullet journal for such a long time, saving page ideas and coming up with designs but now I am actually going to commit to using one properly! So, if you’re interested in doing the same, here are the basics for starting a bullet journal.

What Is A Bullet Journal?

A bullet journal is a notebook/planner which you can fill with all your notes and ideas as well as your yearly, monthly and weekly diary. Rather than just buying a year planner/diary, a bullet journal allows you to personalise it to your own style and gives you the freedom to add whatever other pages might be specifically relevant to you, e.g. a study timetable, fitness tracker or meal planner. It means you can put all your ideas to paper and have everything in one place.

Why Start A Bullet Journal?

Not only is a bullet journal a great way to keep organised with all your notes, ideas and planner in one place but it is also a practical and creative outlet. If you want to be organised and creative then this is the activity for you!

You only need a few things to set yourself up for a bullet journal:

A Notebook – Most of the bullet journals I have seen are on dotted paper to help as a guide for grids but you could use a plain notebook or I have used normal lined notebooks for years in a similar capacity (for lists & planner purposes).


Pencil & Pens – Depending on how much you trust yourself to be neat and tidy you may want to sketch out some designs in pencil first before going over them in pens. Then you will want some lovely colourful pens to fill your pages with!


Washi Tape – If you want a quick and easy way to add some colour to your pages then you can use washi tape to create a border or dividers.

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Diary – You will need a calendar to reference when making your yearly/monthly/weekly spreads.


Creativity – You might already have some ideas in mind but if you’re stuck, a quick search on Pinterest will provide you with endless designs to give you inspiration! While you’re there, follow my Pinterest @siansblogs where I save all my favourite designs!


Good luck with starting your own bullet journal and I will be posting some of my designs soon!

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Coming Soon: Bullet Journal Page Ideas

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