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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

March 21, 2019

Are you still struggling for Mother’s Day gift ideas? Here are some really sweet ideas that your mum will love!

The Basics:

So, to start, here are a couple of DO NOT FORGET gifts for mum.

Flowers – Personally sometime’s it’s hard enough to keep myself alive before I even start thinking about looking after something else, however, mum’s tend to be a lot more capable, so, flowers can definitely go a long way and they don’t have to cost loads.

selective focus photography of pink and yellow tulips flowers

Chocolate – My mum always end up giving up chocolate for lent which runs over Mother’s Day, but fortunately “Sunday’s don’t count” (apparently!). If you want to get something a bit more special than a standard chocolate bar, have a look at Hotel Chocolat’s Mother’s Day selection (click here).

brown chocolate bar

Card – Another super easy thing to remember – a card, all you need to do is put a sweet little message in it, or even better – make one yourself!

red heart drawed white printer paper on pink surface

A Phone Call – I’m away from home at the moment and won’t get to see my Mum on Mother’s Day, but making that extra effort to give her a call will mean a lot.

marketing office working business

Something More Personal:

Homemade Vouchers/Coupons – If you don’t have a lot of money to spend then this is a free gift that can really show you care, it also makes it very personal. Have a quick think about what it is your mum enjoys? What are the things that she always asks for help with but you don’t have the time? Here are some basic ideas:

  • One home cooked meal of your choice
  • One free house clean
  • Five lifts to work/the station/the shops
  • One fun day out with yours truly!
  • One lunch out (my treat)

You can do quite a lot with this and it is especially helpful if you have left things until the last minute!

white mockup card

A Magazine Subscription – The gift that keeps on giving. Unlike us youngsters, our parents do actually still enjoy reading things on paper, so a magazine subscription is right up their street! Obviously if you know you mum has a particular hobby or interest then you’re set! If not, click here for some suggestions!

abundance achievement advertising bank

Candles – The classic gift that I don’t really understand but is actually what lots of mum’s want. So, I’m not particularly fussed by candles but I’m sure as the I creep closer to proper adulting the urge to fill my home with cushions and smelly candles will set in. The go-to brand tends to be Yankee Candle but I know my mum particularly loves NEOM and is very pleased with her (what feels like a lifetime supply) gift sets she got for Christmas.

aromatherapy aromatic bright burnt

Cookbook – Another example of getting a physical and paper copy rather than an online version. New cookbooks are constantly being released by celebrity chefs or based on new foody trends, here are just a few examples of new releases that your mum might enjoy!

you need fresh herbs in your life book beside white mortar and pestle on table

Lunch Out – This one might have required some pre-planning before now but if you’re travelling in to see you mum then it might be nice to take her out for a special lunch. However, you’re going to need to make sure you book it up ASAP before everywhere gets full.

So there are just a few ideas to help you out. Let me know if you guys have any other cute plans for Mother’s Day!

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