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Craft Of The Month: Chalkboard Art

March 24, 2019

I found the cutest little chalkboard which you might have seen featured in one of my previous posts so I thought I’d get some colourful chalk pens and test a couple of designs!


I really like the board just as a little prop so I’ll have to think about how I can use it in other posts.


Ironically I think this one could have done with a bit more practise… I think the thickness of the pens means they’re not ideal for lettering unless you’re doing quite big projects.


I love how bold the colours came out, however, a bit of a surprise to me was that these turned into permanent markers (even though the packet said they should wipe away), so, if you’re looking for something permanent these are great, but for more temporary projects I might find some new pens.


These are the pens I used.



Fortunately I can buy a new board and try again!

Do you guys have any suggestions for pens?

Let me know what you think and hopefully you’ll see the board featured again in future!

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