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Maximising Storage In A Small Flat

March 28, 2019

It was great when I still lived at home and had so much space to spread out/ store all my belongings, however, when moving to student accommodation and now that I’m living in a 1 bedroom flat, I need to be a bit smarter with my home organisation to make sure I don’t just end up living with piles of mess all over the place! Here are some of the ways I have been able to make the most of my flat storage:

1. Ottoman bed – when we ordered this we thought “yeh this seems like a good idea, will give us a little extra storage” – it has been an absolute godsend, we have already stored so much under there and it isn’t even half full. If anyone is looking to buy a new bed/frame, even if you aren’t tight for space I would 100% recommend getting an ottoman. It’s so convenient for keeping our suitcases, spare bedding & towels and anything else we don’t have the space for. I’ll admit it’s not the most organised space but I want to get some nice storage boxes to help tidy it up a bit.


2. Sofa bed with storage – similarly having the extra storage in the sofa has been so useful for tidying away extra blankets and pillows and we are able to store the guest bedding for when it gets used as a bed. The sofa bed itself is also great, living in only a 1 bedroom flat it just means that if anyone were to stay we can provide them with somewhere proper to sleep. Click here to shop this product.


3. Storage boxes – the assortment of storage boxes I have may be verging on unnecessary but it just makes everything easier to tidy away and stack in cupboards. They are so cheap as well so it’s a super easy storage solution for things like stationary if you have lots of little bits and pieces. I love how this set of boxes fit so perfectly in my shelf, I use them to store all my crafting and baking stuff. Click here to shop this product.


4. Hooks on the walls – When we moved into our new flat we unexpectedly found an abundance of stick-on hooks all over the place, originally we thought we were going to get rid of them but they have become so useful and we have actually bought more. We have a tiny little utility cupboard (below) so having the hooks on the walls was so great for hanging up the drying rack, wash basket and ironing board which means there is space left on the floor for the other pieces. Click here to shop this product.


5. Shoe rack – I didn’t think I had a lot of shoes until I downsized my wardrobe and realised they were never going to all fit, solution – an extendable 2 level shoe rack. Being extendable just means you can make it fit to whatever space you have. I have one in our main shoe/coat cupboard and then I have another one in my side of the wardrobe, even then I still end up with shoes all over the place but for the most part they are tidied away. Click here to shop this product..


6. Bathroom caddy – It’s just a natural transition into adulthood when you start to develop a huge supply of spare bathroom supplies, but if you have limited space, having a bathroom caddy is a good way to organise it and get things off the sides.

I’d love to know any of your useful storage tips!

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