Super Spring Cleaning Checklist

April 18, 2019

If you’re looking to organise your home this Spring, here is the place to start. Obviously the set up/content of everyone’s homes is different so you can adjust accordingly but this is an in depth checklist for a super spring clean! 


Kitchen/Dining Room

  • Empty, wipe down and reorganise draws & cupboards
  • Check dates and throw away any expired tinned goods
  • Clean hob – with a gas hob, remove covers and leave to soak, use a antibacterial kitchen cleaning spray on the surfaces and then wipe down with warm water.
  • Wipe surfaces – using antibacterial spray.
  • Deep clean oven
  • Clean microwave – antibac spray or for a fresh smell, microwave a sliced lemon and a bowl of water for 30 seconds & wipe clean.
  • Hoover/mop floor
  • Empty and clean fridge shelves
  • Scrape away any excess ice in the freezer
  • Wipe down windows
  • Empty & clean kitchen bin – use antibac spray or warm soapy water and air freshener.
  • Wipe down dining table – antibacterial spray
  • Wipe down sink & bleach drain (once you are done cleaning everything else).



  • Wipe surfaces
  • Clean toilet (outside & inside the bowl) – use bathroom cleaner and toilet brush to scrub the inside.
  • Bleach toilet, sink drain and bath/shower drain
  • Re-organise bottles (e.g. shampoo & conditioners)
  • Clean mirrors
  • Hoover/mop floor
  • Empty & clean bin – antibac & air freshener
  • Clean limescale off shower heads/taps
  • Organise medicine cabinet
  • Clean, replace and organise towels
  • Wash shower curtain – if it has got damp and smelly/stained



  • Empty, clean & reorganise wardrobe – I always find it easier to empty it completely and start organising things back in from scratch.
  • Empty & wipe down the inside of  your chest of draws – then reorganise
  • Hoover floor – move furniture around to make sure you get everything
  • Consider a re-jig of furniture? If you have the space to move things about then maybe try out a new layout – it will make things feel fresh and new.
  • Dust windowsills
  • Dust lamps & lampshades
  • Wipe down windows & mirrors
  • Empty & clean bin – antibacterial spray & air freshener
  • Clear and dust/wipe down bedside tables & any other surfaces
  • Flip mattress
  • Replace bedding


Living Room

  • Empty, dust and rearrange bookshelves
  • Wipe down coffee table
  • Dust TV stand
  • Clear, wipe down & reorganise DVD/CD/game collection
  • Dust lamps & lampshades
  • Hoover/deep clean carpet – move furniture around accordingly
  • Wash/clean any rugs, blankets or pillows



  • Re-organise stationary
  • Clear & wipe down desk
  • Throw away scrap paper
  • Empty & clean bin
  • Empty, dust and rearrange bookshelves – documents & folders etc.



  • Empty & wipe down and reorganise shelves
  • Hoover
  • Empty washer/dryer tray



  • Water & clean any mess from plants
  • Tidy any paperwork
  • Dust any photos frames/art
  • Touch up any paint scratches
  • Once you’re done – empty your hoover, take the bins out and put any towels/cloths you used to clean in the wash!


Good Luck!

Download a printable checklist from the link below!

Super Spring Clean Printable

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