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Decorative Easter Eggs

April 21, 2019

Something easy, fun and creative for the Easter holidays!

As if I didn’t already have enough chocolate to eat, I thought I’d add some piped chocolate decorations into the mix as well!

What Do You Need?

  • A chocolate Easter Egg (if you can find one, they’re pretty scarce at the moment)
  • Chocolate for melting – preferably a contrasting colour e.g. white chocolate on milk & dark chocolate eggs.
  • A design – if you’re stuck for ideas, go for some simple shapes like swirls, hearts or flowers and build up your designs as you go!


My first design (above, left) pretty much ended up being a doodle pad rather than a proper design. But it helped to figure out how easily I could pipe the chocolate.

I’m clearly no professional at this but it was fun and is a cute way to add a personal touch to a delicious gift!

Good luck!

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