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May 23, 2019

If you want to be organised with your blog posts it is so useful to have a planner. You can do this is any style you like, you can always use written notebooks as well but when it comes to speed and quantity of posts I have found it easier to organise and edit them digitally.

A lot of people will probably already do this in their own way but I thought I would just go through the key things I look to plan for when I’m writing a post. 

  • Title – Obviously this is one of the most important parts of a post from a reader’s perspective, but not only that, if you have an idea and want to make a quick note of it, you want the title to make sense and help you remember the whole idea. 
  • Post Date – Depending on how far in advance you are with your planning, you might be writing posts for the next week or the next month, so it’s always good to put your date aim in so you know when you need to come back and finalise things for. This was what I did when I first starting my blog and was doing things a week at a time, however, I now tend to create a pool of post ideas and then schedule them in on a monthly or weekly basis (depending how organised I am). 
  • Category – When you are posting you will want to categorise it to make it more searchable and it also helps to group your posts into different topics/style, for example some of mine are: Food, Tips, Home, Bullet Journal.
  • Description/Outline – I normally use this section when I want to quickly note down my post idea, I will then go back and elaborate and finish the full plan. 
  • Materials/Prep – In relation to my blog this relates more to my creative posts which might require me to get together some materials, but this could also apply to if you need to do some research behind a post. 
  • Photos – Imagery is so important on a post so this is where I plan what photos I need to take for the post or some general themes.
  • Social Media/Hashtags – It often helps to plan not only your post itself but also the social media post e.g. the hashtags you’re going to use, the images and the caption. 
  • Other notes/Inspo – This is where I write any other comments to myself or queries, it’s also where I might add some images that have inspired the post – so for this post I have screenshots of my previous blog post planners to refer back to. 

Below are some examples of the previous planners I have made and used, the way I plan my posts has changed a lot from when I started. 

This is the first planner I made, a simple document layout.
Once I started building up more ideas I needed a bigger format to plan in. I created this excel spreadsheet, breaking down each element of the post.
This is the format I am currently using through Microsoft OneNote. I like how I am able to organise my posts into their different categories and then plan and expand a lot more.
I have made a basic blog post planner which you can customise yourself.
Download using the link below!

Comment below if you have any other tips for planning blog posts!

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