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June 6, 2019

So, we’re fully stuck into exam season now. First of all good luck to anyone who is powering through their exams!

Now, while some of you have probably got your study techniques down and are making your way through your revision efficiently, the majority of people will struggle at some point with coping with their revision. Everyone learns differently so I would definitely recommend trying out some different revision techniques to find which fits you best.

So, once you’ve figured out how exactly you revise best, it’s time to organise your time and get on with it!

One of the things I have found most useful in efficient revision is blocking out chunks of time to focus on specific subjects. If you try to study without any kind of aim or direction then it is easy to get sidetracked and get less work done.

On the other side of things, planning your time too intricately e.g. 30 mins or hour by hour can be counterproductive, like a strict diet, as soon as you get out of sync it’s easy to throw everything out the window. The key to successful revision is to set yourself reasonable goals so you don’t burn out.

I designed this basic study planner to break up revision into morning, afternoon and evening sessions, you can then schedule in your specific subject/topic areas for revision during those blocks of time.

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