Healthy Eating Week

June 11, 2019

You may or may not be aware that this is official Healthy Eating Week! I’m sure this is an extremely exciting prospect for everyone.

As someone who really loves a cheat meal and sweet treats, the idea of having a completely healthy week might be a bit of a struggle, however, it is possible!

If you’re looking for healthy recipes, here are some suggestions:

Spicy Bean Chili – 277 calories

Chicken Steeps – 587 calories

Mushroom & Sweetcorn Risotto – 431 calories

Bolognese – 561 calories

Prawn Tagliatelle – 468 calories

Bean & Grain Salad – 148 calories

Teriyaki Chicken Stir Fry – 599 calories

Chicken Parm – 467 calories

Vegetable Curry – 599 calories

Here are some other healthy eating tips for the week:

  • Choose healthy snacks – prep yourself some carrot/cucumber sticks or fresh fruit to snack on so you’re not tempted by crisps and biscuits!
  • Fill up on water – not to stop yourself from eating but just to keep you full and avoid snacking.
  • Meal prep is the way forward – if you’re determined to stick to a healthy meal plan, plan and prep everything in advance so that when it comes to meal times you can quickly and easily put it all together. It can become tempting to cheat if it feels like making your meals is too much effort.

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