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Tips For Better Time Management

June 13, 2019

Whether you’re looking to improve your time management long term or know you just need to get your head down for a project or exams etc. here are some key tips for improving your time management skills!

  1. Stop Multi-tasking – Focus on one thing at a time​, get the task done and then move onto the next.
  2. Set Deadlines​ – Rather than leaving things to be completed at your own pace, set a deadline to encourage a sense of urgency or at least direct your focus to those tasks which appear to be more urgent.
  3. Prioritise Tasks​ – It’s easy to do all the simple tasks and then pat yourself on the back for being so productive, but you need to get on top of the most important tasks first.
  4. Remove Distractions​ – If like me, you are someone who gets easily distracted by other people then take yourself away, put your headphones in and concentrate.
  5. Break Big Projects Down – A big project can be really daunting and make you want to avoid it all all costs, but if you break it down to smaller sections, for example, if you’re writing an essay/report look at it one paragraph or page at a time, then it won’t seem like as big of a task.
  6. Get In A Routine​ – Routine is everything, try to wake up and go to sleep a similar time every day. Within your day itself integrate a regular routine e.g. meals, study hours etc. you’ll soon find it becomes instinctive.
  7. Tidy Your Work Space​ – If you have mess and papers all over the place, not only are you never going to find what you’re looking for, but it’s also not a particularly pleasant environment to work in.
  8. Decline Additional Commitments​ – If you know you have exams to study for, as annoying as it might be, for the sake of a few weeks put your other commitments on the back burner. You’ll be so relieved when it all pays off.
  9. Batch Your Tasks – Complete chunks at a time​, you can measure it by time or chapters, whatever you prefer, just give yourself an end goal rather than sitting aimlessly wondering when you can finish.
  10. Turn Phone On Silent​ – I am very guilty of getting distracted by my phone, sometimes all it takes is one notification and then the next thing I know I’m an hour into my Instagram feed. However, when you’re trying to focus on something important you do just need to put it away.
  11. Set Reminders – I use the calendar and clock on my phone all the time to remind myself of things I have on different days and alarms that tell me to move onto another task or take a break. I also use my notes page where I jot down any ideas or things I need to do before I forget.
  12. Work When You’re Feeling Most Productive​ – As much as you might have to work even when you aren’t in the mood to, it is so important to take advantage of the times when you are feeling motivated. I guarantee that will be when you get the most done and to the highest quality, so don’t ever miss an opportunity!

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