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My Summer Begins!

June 15, 2019

I am finally free! I have finished my placement and now have a nice long break before I go back for my final year at university!

As much as I love some time to relax, generally I like to keep myself busy and productive (just one reason why I love having my blog). So, between now and September I have a lot of time to do all those things I have been putting off while I have been working.

Here are a few of the things I am looking forward to working on over the summer:

My Blog

Obviously! Planning, prepping and posting on my blog has pretty much occupied most of my free time since I started in October 2018 but I know at times I have got behind or not been putting out the amount/quality content that I want to be doing. So, now with the increase in my free time I am really looking forward to focusing on my blog, re-vamping old posts, consistently posting and hopefully exploring some new blog formats/topics! Please comment below if there is anything you would like to see.

Seeing Family

While I have been at uni I have lived away from home and only really travelled back during the long breaks, this year because of work I have been able to go home even less so I am really looking forward to spending some more time with my mum and sister.

Decorating The Flat

As well as being at home with my family I will also be splitting my time where I live at University. My boyfriend and I moved into our first flat this year and although we did some basic painting when we first moved in, the place has been left a little bare. So, I am really looking forward to finishing our decorating, adding/making some art to put up as well as some thorough organising!

Days Out

I’d really like to do some day trips to London and Birmingham, just explore a bit and maybe check some things off my London Bucket List!


There are loads of great films coming out this summer so I am going to be going through a checklist of films to watch as well as catching up on some of my favourite TV shows.


As well as just being off from work and uni, I am also going on holiday to Amsterdam! I am so looking forward to it and am aiming to put together a couple of travel blog posts based on what I get up to!

Hope you are all enjoying your summer as well and getting up to some exciting stuff!

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