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Holiday Planning Checklist

June 27, 2019

Whether you’re planning your first holiday or just don’t want to forget anything, here is a checklist of everything you need to plan a holiday! 

  1. Plan well in advance – Generally the further ahead you book a holiday and all that comes with it, the cheaper it is. Unless you can get very lucky with some last minute cheap flights, it’s a safer bet the plan ahead of time. 
  2. Choose a location – You probably already have an idea in mind of a country, but have a look into the specific place you want to travel to.
  3. Establish a budget – It’s very easy to get carried away and spend a painful amount of money on a holiday when it all adds up. Just make sure you figure out what you can afford and plan around that.
  4. Do some research – Find out what the best deals are, if you want to go all inclusive or through an online travel agent. 
  5. Book accommodation – Make sure to find out check in and out times as well as their facilities (and things you potentially have to pay extra for).
  6. Book flights – If you do go through an online travel agent it is always worth checking for discount codes and money off before you book it all.
  7. Find out your luggage allowances (and buy extra if necessary). 
  8. Get travel insurance – Depending on how often you travel you may have an annual policy that you renew every year, but if not you definitely need to make sure you have your travel insurance sorted before you go. 
  9. Book the time off work
  10. Make your itinerary – Have a look online at some of the activities you want to do (and book anything in advance that you need to).
  11. Get money exchanged – It’s worth having both cash and card when you go abroad (in case of emergencies). Depending on your bank account you can sometimes get your cards made accessible abroad without the huge charges, or you can get a free travel money debit card which you top up.
  12. Pack The Ultimate Holiday Packing List coming soon!
  13. Leave room for souvenirs – Make sure there’s some extra space to bring things back! 
  14. Triple check your flight schedule – Ensure you know your travel day schedule so there is no chance of missing anything.
  15. Arrange your lift to the airport – Whether it’s booking a cab or begging a family member to drop you off, make sure you get it sorted.
  16. Check-In online – Most places will give you the option to check in the day before your flight online, this can save you time when you get to the airport. 
  17. Arrive with plenty of time to spare – It is recommended you arrive 2 hours before take-off but you can always leave a little extra time in case of traffic or any other delays. 
  18. Have a great time! – The stress of planning is over, now relax and enjoy! P.S. Don’t forget to stop at duty free and get some discounted products!

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