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Amsterdam Part 2

July 20, 2019

Part 2! If you haven’t read part one click here. Continuing my vacation to Amsterdam!

Day 4

Another thanks to Travel Man for directing us to this attraction! The A’DAM Lookout, this is essentially a massive chair which swings you out over the side of the Sir Adam Hotel. We got a free ferry over from the main city to the island with the Lookout. This was probably my favourite day out from the whole trip. It might sound a bit scary if you aren’t keen on heights but it felt very safe the whole time. As well as the swing there were just some amazing the views all around the roof top terrace as well as some great props to pose with for the gram!


We didn’t know how busy/popular it was going to be so we decided to go quite early in the day, however, we were fortunate it was really quiet so we were able to get some amazing photos and enjoy the space before it got busy around midday.

After our morning at the A’DAM Lookout we then grabbed some lunch at a snack bar. I don’t know if these are a big thing in other countries but I know they are very popular in the Netherlands. They are essentially like a fast food service, you can order at the counter or use the compartments which are like vending machines for hot food. I have been to one before and my friend who is Dutch recommended getting the special curry sauce with chips which is a mixture of curry, mayonnaise and onion. Depending on your taste preferences this might not sound particularly appetising but I have to say it is really good. The curry sauce is almost sweet but when it’s all mixed together it is delicious! Would 100% recommend.

As I mentioned in part 1 there are loads of sweet stops across the city and we found another one full of loads of cool different flavours etc. It took a lot of will power not going over board with the sweets. However, we did then stop and get a chocolate covered waffle….

For dinner we then went to a restaurant called The Chicken Bar where they cook chicken rotisserie style. We had starters of fried chicken and chicken tacos followed by a whole roast chicken for the two of us. I was so amazingly delicious and tender, I wish I could have finished it but I was absolutely stuffed!

What did we learn today? Get a boyfriend who takes hella pictures of you for Instagram and chicken is good.

Day 5

Our last full day in Amsterdam and I had one more thing on my list of places I wanted to go, the Foodhallen. This is basically a massive food court full of loads of really cool and different food stands (if you haven’t caught on already, I am really into food). There were so many stands I wanted to try but in the end I decided on some BBQ pork buns which were so delicious, I might see if I can have a go at making something similar.

We had quite a long walk through the city and got so see some beautiful views. As well as the food hall we also spent our last day doing all our souvenir shopping (the classic post cards and fridge magnets).

Because we actually got into our long walks while we were away, in the afternoon we had another trek out and found a cool science museum (because we’re such intellectuals). We didn’t actually go in to the museum but on top of the building was this crazy roof-top garden. After making our way up a whole load of steps we had an amazing view out across the water and towards the city.

For dinner on our final evening we stopped off at a couple of the fast food places that we had been walking past all week. They were right next to the hotel so convenient for us to bring back to the room before a fairly early start the next morning.

What did we learn today? Go for walks so you can eat lots of food.

Day 6

An earlier start to the day, we had a quick and easy check out of the hotel before getting the train to the airport. I really loved our trip but I feel like we stayed for the right number of days, otherwise we would have run out of things to do.

Once we got to the airport we were delayed by nearly 3 hours! Fortunately I am good at napping in public places and then the time just flew by! Ironically I think it could have been faster by train.

What did we learn today? Always be prepared for travel delays & I miss Amsterdam already!

I Hope you enjoyed my travel blog, comment below if you have any other travel tips or suggestions for city breaks. you’re all having a great summer and might be interested in going to Amsterdam now!

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