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Final Year At Uni

October 7, 2019

So I am back for my final year at uni and that is pretty much the explanation for why I haven’t posted in about a month!

After having a year out for my placement I was expecting it might take a little time for me to get back into the swing of things when it comes to the uni routine, but it has definitely been a lot more full on than I expected.

First of all, unfortunately, the way my optional modules have worked out means that I am going to have a really busy first semester and then a pretty quiet second. While this will be great in second semester when I can focus on my dissertation, it does mean that I have a lot of work at the moment.

My next hurdle going back to uni was that I somehow got freshers’ flu before I even had my first lecture! So I was mostly suffering my first week back and although I made it to all of my sessions I was pretty much focusing on not dying rather than taking in any useful information.

So, skip ahead to week 2 and I am able to function again (or at least at my normal level). Back into lectures and paying attention to all the key info I am going to need. However, big shocker. In previous years we tend to get straight into the content and then get introduced to our coursework in week 3/4 but this is final year, so, from week 1 we were given our coursework briefs and then we were meant to be choosing our topics and starting the work from week 2?! I was not prepared. Already feeling like I was a week behind after being so unwell there was a fair bit of panic going through my head. I’m fortunate that my lecturer’s are all really supportive and helpful as well as humouring me while I ask a countless number of tedious questions!

I have just finished week 3 now and I finally feel like I have got my head around things! My topics have been approved, I understand the coursework (for the most part) and I am ready to crack on! I’m due to be set my dissertation supervisor next week so then the real hard work begins, but for the time being I am going to try and make a solid start on my coursework so that I don’t have to panic nearer to deadlines.

I am hoping to get back to start posting some more but clearly I have a lot on my plate and definitely need to prioritise my degree! Good luck to anyone else going back to uni (or starting their first year), it can be a lot of work but it will definitely be worth it!

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